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Musician, multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound engineer born in Catalonia, Spain. He has estudied electronics, telecommunications, music, sound and music production. He has studied in schools as Aula de música moderna de Barcelona, ​​Ramon Llull University, and SAE Institute Barcelona. Experience in live shows, studio, and audio post-production. He has worked at SAE Institute, Fokum, Casafont Records, Botey Musica, Gomes Sound, Recso, E2S, TelegimTV, 22CableTv and among others. Since childhood he has been a stalwart of the music and all its aspects, has been part of groups such as Paréntesis, Descalços, Root Diamoons, Trinxaranga and Trast. He has worked on projects such as Sabata, Jordi Martínez, BSO& Poesia, SéptimoA, Eduard Gener, Wild Goats... During the summer of 2013 he toured with Marky Ramone as backliner throughout the Iberian peninsula through cities such as Barcelona, Lisbon, Madrid, Vigo, Bilbao, etc... During 2018 he was a technician in the cycle of concerts of the National Auditorium of Andorra where artists such as Michel Legrand, Antonio Carmona, Rozalén, Jorge Drexler, Estrella Morente and others.

Currently he works at Litel.cat and as a freelance in several companies in the sound and music industry. For more information, please contact:

CV Sergi Torrecillas

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